Choosing the bridal bouquet that best define the couple! Lovely blooms for the Chic Bride!

So the date has been set and the shopping nearly done. Have you decided on the flowers yet?

Often overlooked aspect of the wedding preparations in our culture, floral arrangements are left to the stage decorators and sometimes even the bridal bouquet is left for the choice of the make-up artist. However, it is interesting to note that flowers represent different things to different folks and might reflect your personality and traits on your big day.

Once upon a time during the Victorian Times, flowers were used to express emotions when words and gestures failed. This romantic tradition is slowly becoming the rage with couples choosing flowers that hold a special meaning to them.

We have made up a list of popular Wedding flowers for the bride to hold with a description of what they represent. Don’t worry; these are all flowers you find in abundance with our local florists and you will have no trouble in finding them. None at all!

Why stick to the clichéd bunch of tightly wrapped Red Roses? From lotus blooms and water lilies to our very own choicest local flowers, brides have the enormous pick when it comes to blooms. Add life and cheer to the wedding with your bunch of flowers. Let them make your guests go ‘Wow’!

Baby’s Breath

These tiny white blooms which were traditionally used as the fillers in flower arrangements are all the hype now. Bouquets made of only this flowery bunches are increasingly popular these days. These flowers are available year-round stand for innocence and charm. One has to admit that they look too fresh and cute as if they were just plucked from the fields!

Calla Lily

Even if it sounds foreign, you’ll realize that these large tropical flowers are available in plenty here. Representing beauty in its magnificence, a bunch of these long-stemmed blooms will make the look bride chic and classy.


When it comes to meanings, Carnations have as wide a choice just as they have in colours. Pink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent. We bet you have seen them in arrangements but never guessed that they will look stunning in a bride’s bouquet.


The name literally means ‘Golden Flower’ and they are a must have’s in flower arrangements, whatever be the occasion. Available in a wealth of colours and sizes, you can make any kind of bouquet with these beauties. They represent wealth, abundance and truth, definitely things that we like to have in our future!


Undeniably cute looking, daisies stand for the sharing and caring for feelings in a relationship. That is a very reason to hold them in your hands when you make a promise to be together forever.


Which bride doesn’t want to appear pure and innocent? Well, these blooms got their meaning right. They are charming and pretty and can be used in all kinds of bouquets, hanging ones included.


Nicknamed ‘the local lilac’, these cherubic flowers are associated with purity, love and refinement, which make them an appropriate choice for wedding occasions. You will have to agree that their bright colour and sweet fragrance makes any bride fell heavenly holding them.


If there is one flower that has always been popular in bridal bouquets and always will be, they are the majestic Lily’s. Representing honour, truth and majesty, these long-stemmed blooms are another class altogether.


Orchids are the most exotic of flowers and make a statement each time they appear. For a bride who looks out to be stunning and unconventionally beautiful, orchids are the best choice. The stand for love and beauty come in a variety of colors and sizes and are at home in any kind of bridal arrangements.


Standing synonymous with love and weddings, Rose has unparalleled popularity, with a reason. They represent love, joy and beauty and are found in a myriad of colours, each with their own distinct meanings.


Sunflowers make a bold and cheerful statement for the pretty bride. They stand for adoration and loyalty and when a bride chooses to carry a single-stem down the aisle, she is making a classic statement and promise.


Tulips are tender and gentle, albeit gorgeous. They are the classic symbols of love and passion and best for arrangements and bouquets. These sweet and stately flowers can be found in a myriad of colors, but they are very fragile and make the bride look angelic.

From romantic symbols to emblems of hope, the historical meanings behind some of the most popular big-day blooms are sure to surprise you. Even Princess Kate Middleton held a bouquet of flowers carefully plucked from the queen’s own garden, as a meaningful gesture.  In addition to looking good on photos and adding to the overall cheer and beautiful atmosphere, flowers find you a way to communicate your feelings and the values you behold.

Make a statement on your wedding day and make it memorable!


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