“It’s your day, let’s make it perfect”

You simply want to show your guests how thrilled you are on the special day. It will be far more exciting if your special day is being celebrated in the admiring and exciting backdrop. And here you have the chance to make it more attractively colorful with the leading wedding planners in Kerala.

From organizing the complete wedding planning to partial wedding planning to theme wedding and destination wedding, Unicorn wedding planners, the premium wedding planner in Cochin is instrumental in turning your wedding dreams to a reality, that too in a distinct way.

There’s been an upward trend in the marriage industry and is always something new happening every day. We go about with the unique trends that makes your event very special and extravagant.

Working out what to do

You might be the one who shoulder the responsibility from the scratch; i.e. from coordinating with the flower vendors and the party vendors to managing the wedding events and the reception management, and with this tiresome coordination you may have the chance to miss out the core of the function. All you have to do is to carry the support of Unicorn Wedding planners and have an extravagant and opulence-filled function – it all begins with a simple conversation.

How we make the event special?

We believe in the idea of leaving nothing undone, as such we help you with choosing the venue, designing events, choosing the vendors, negotiating the contracts and all other details that shape the ideal wedding for you.

Venue selection: Site selection is often challenging. We help you choose the right venue based on accessibility, suitability, availability, costs and lodging accommodations.

Photography and videography: Arranging the videography and photography for your event is easy with us. We provide you with right agencies who cover pre-marriage and post-event ceremonies in detail.

Music and Entertainment: Adding some music brings liveliness to the event and is a fantastic way to add some romance. Being the professionals in the field we provide you with the right ambience in entertainment to have a wonderful experience.

Wedding Day and Reception Management: Every client want this part of the event to be the only one of its kind. We make it best by setting proper management schedule for all of the wedding and reception formalities. All you have to do is, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Catering: You have enough of your love that to be served at the event. And that love should be the menu that reflects your taste and style. We come up with the finest choice of cuisine and arrangements to delight the taste factor of your guests.

Wedding Design and Execution: We help you come with the best choice of your themes that makes your event extremely surprising and impressive. Also we help with the selection of wedding theme, design and décor as per the requirements and budget.

Take the excitement and thrill to a new height and make your special day stunning with the leading wedding planners in Kochi, Kerala.

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