Your Guests Will Totally Love These: Ideas for the Best Wedding Favor!!

Remember the single toffee clipped to the post-card sized photograph of the couple that was presented to all wedding guests? Those were all the rage in the Kerala weddings a decade or two ago. Kids used to love them and the elderly would good-naturedly complain about their diabetics while they shared the toffees with young ones. Those toffees were the simplest of wedding favors; ‘thank you’ gifts presented to the guests for their warm and valuable presence.

On the flipside, we have been rather unimaginative when it comes to wedding favors. While it is true that Kerala weddings are a force to be reckoned with, we never quite progressed from the simple éclairs and tasteless photos that went straight to the trash most of the time. Our weddings have evolved and expanded exponentially and the couples gladly embrace any brilliant idea to make their special day even more memorable. Take for example the Mehendi ceremony that used to be solely the tradition in Islam community. These days it is quite a popular practice across all communities. Our people love any reason to get together and celebrate and they also do it in style. So why not gift your dear guest a little something more, to be saved and remembered?

Enter wedding favors – a very thoughtful gift to the guests who have taken time and effort to join you in your happiness. Rightly chosen, they are incredibly sweet gestures for your guests to take home. Unicorn wedding planners in Cochin can help you choose the perfect party favor. The trick here is to gift something that you would like to have for yourself if you were the guest. Wedding favors do not need to be overdone. You can keep it sweet without breaking the bank. If it is a theme wedding that you are having, gift your guests a sweet something that compliments the theme. Sunglasses for an outdoor wedding or shell keychain for a beach wedding are classic examples. We are listing some choice wedding favors that won’t cost you a fortune but will be remarkable all the same. Your guests are sure to love these.


Mini lanterns that are handmade or custom designed can be undeniably warm and cute. Spread light and a warm glow with these beautiful pieces.


I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t have a thing for these ultimate party favors. Gift your guests with wind chimes and let them appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Scented candles are too fabulous. An assortment of minuscule scented candles will be cherished by your guests. They will make adorable thank you gifts. Brownie points if they are handmade!


They aren’t strictly novel in Indian Weddings but who says you can’t have them? With their beautifully wrapped boxes and sinfully delicious sweet collection, they are fast catching on in Kerala weddings too. Let your guest take home a sweet box.


Such an oomph idea of a wedding favor! You can bet that your guests will talk about these for days. Gift them a cute little jar of honey and tie with a ribbon. Enough said!


Another cherished gift idea. The dried flowers and perfume wrapped in an ornate box or sachet is too beautiful to pass. They will look pretty and your guests will be mad about them.


Simple cloth sachets with a mirror work or two, these jewel pouches are especially adored by your lady guests. They are chic, ethnic and useful. You will see your guests carrying those even months after your wedding. 


We have been saving the best ones for the last. These totally cute folding hand fans will be loved by all guests alike. They are the most elegant party favors you can possibly have.

All this and we say it is just the tip of the iceberg. Bottled coffee beans or tea bags, mix CD’s that carry your favorite playlist, mini-notebooks with a monogrammed cover or beautiful tea towels, wedding favors can be as unique as you want. You can make them extravagant or downright homely. You can import custom-made favors or present the guests with DIY stuff lovingly made. It could be fancy or it could be useful. Whatever be it, there is no denying that wedding favors are now ‘in’ in Kerala Weddings and they are here to stay.

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