Here’s why a Florist or Caterer cannot replace a Professional Wedding Planner !

Wedding Day! It is certainly one of the most special days in your life and you want to make it perfect. Except that weddings have a way of looming in closer and making you panic with a number of stuff yet to be done and too many arrangements yet to be made. More often than not the couple and their families will be too numb and tired by the time the ‘special day’ is over. We tend to measure the success of the event by deciding if the guests enjoyed the wedding. They most certainly have. But did the close family members and the couple themselves have a good time? Unfortunately, they were in the middle of things, ensuring that everything went well all day long and forgot to enjoy the moment. Do you wish to enjoy the togetherness on the wedding day? Do you hope that your parents could relax and be there in the moment rather than settling caterers, overseeing preparations and paying the florist? There! You have a brilliant reason to hire a wedding specialist.

When it comes to professional wedding planning, we are still in the middle ages. Even though we have a number of reliable Wedding Planners in the industry, people tend to choose local florists and caterers over the professionals to help make the arrangements. Why settle for half when you can have the full deal? Here are the reasons why it is way better to hire a professional Wedding Planner to manage your event rather than make do with the local florist or caterer.

1, You thinks professional Wedding Planners come with an expensive price tag? Think again!

The best part of hiring a professional is that you can choose a budget of your liking and they will stick to it. Do you know anyone in the family or friends who complain that they spent way over the initial budget on their wedding? Or the claim that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stick with a budget because too many unplanned and unforeseen aspects crop up? Sounds familiar? Well, they are not lying. It is true that many expenses are indeed unforeseen and may not fit in the budget. But the difference is that the professionals have a wealth of experience planning weddings and they know what to expect. They are masters at managing the so-called unforeseen aspects and will handle them coolly without battling an eyelash. This points us to the Reason #2.

2, If you choose your planner wisely, it can actually end up saving you money.

A wedding planner with experience is bound to have a trick or two up their sleeve for getting the job done the way you want. It is not a secret that even small decisions can add up to big savings when you have a planner who knows what they’re doing.
Seemingly simple things can add up to a large budget. Even the silly expenses like printing too many Wedding Invitations than was required; buying stuff in a bulk that wasn’t used at all…such expenses can be avoided because unlike you, the proffesional Wedding Planner knows exactly what to buy. They can help you avoid expensive mistakes and negotiate deals with your suppliers. They know what should and shouldn’t be in contracts and also how much things should cost.

When you find vendors for each individual needs, they tend to charge you more because you are their one-time customer. Be it the florist, caterer, make-up artist or photographer, these vendors wouldn’t charge as much if the Wedding Planner is arranging them for you. The professionals are bound to have deals with the best vendors in market and they can arrange services at a better rate. Isn’t that reason enough?

3, Wedding Planner is the ONLY expert in organizing the wedding from A to Z.

Flowers and food, while a vital aspect of any wedding, may not necessarily mean the whole wedding arrangements. Your florist or Caterer may offer to arrange the rest of the wedding preparations for you but chances are outside their expert fields, they have little experience more than you. They might help set up the venue or arrange transportation, but do they help you out with the wedding invitations, shopping or trips to the salon? Probably not!

The myth that Wedding Planners are only for the most rich and affluent is only that-a myth! They are most accustomed to working within a budget and their experience and connections can help you a lot in keeping your beautiful day within the budget. It is like having your own Personal Assistant and Confidante when it comes to wedding. They will soothe your nerves, find you the perfect vendor and run it smooth for you. All that is required of you is to smile and enjoy your special day. Be in the moment, for the rest is taken care of for you!

4, You have a demanding career that cannot be paused for Wedding Preparations

You and your partner may own a busy career and frequently taking time off from work so that you can go dress shopping or for salon appointments can be frustrating. A great wedding does not magically happen in a week’s preparation and as the time nears, you will be sick with worry. Wedding Planner can be your best friend at times such as these. They will do all the running around for you and make appointments only when you are sure to make them. It takes away the stress of organizing everything. Allow experts to plan your big day for you and see the magic in that.

5, In Reality, wedding arrangements has more to do with checklists than fun!

 You must have planned for the big day all your life. You have fantasized about your wedding dress and jewels and might even have ideas on what flowers to hold as you walk down the aisle. But you may not know that wedding preparations isn’t all dizzying happiness and fun. When reality sets in, you may have to talk to your fiancé and open up spreadsheets to list out the budget, guest list and suppliers…Suddenly the magic evaporates away to be replaced with tedious, boring, adult stuff.

Enter the Wedding Planner! These people make it their lives’ work to organize flawless weddings and are the most adept at handling lists. All Wedding Planners love lists! Budgets, timelines, guest lists, and spreadsheets… you name it, they have a template for it. They will cover every detail you can imagine plus lots that you won’t have even thought of! You wouldn’t have to scroll through the net at 2.00 am choosing the best photographer from the 5000 ones in your locality after all. They have lists of questions for each supplier so that you know you are hiring the very best.

6, They know what to do and when to do it.

This point can’t be stressed enough. Practice does make things perfect and Wedding Planners are simply the best when it comes to organizing a flawless wedding, unlike the florists or caterers who are primarily specialists in their own areas. Wedding Planners are all about perfection. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to organize the perfect wedding and they think of all the extra little details that usually get overlooked. They bring couple’s ideas to life, make the impossible possible and don’t even break a sweat! And the best part? You would still have full control but they would be with you to hold your hand along the way!

7,You want your wedding to be perfect, but don’t know how!

You know one of those people who know exactly what they will wear, how the stage will look and what food to serve? It is OK if you are not one of them! No matter how little you have planned beforehand or even if you don’t have a vague idea on how the day should look, a professional friend can assist you in making an informed decision. With the right wedding planner, you can easily identify the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. They know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualize what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life. They can be your best friends during the wedding planning.

8, You have thousands of suggestions from well-meaning friends and family. You are naturally confused!

It is not just wedding bells that you hear. You will also be neck-deep in suggestions regarding every mundane thing you can think of. Should you wear white or be dressed in golden? Diamonds or antique jewelry? Lilies or roses or orchids? From the shoes you should buy to the hairdo that complement you, each friend and family member will throw in their own generous ideas on what you should choose. A Wedding Planning professional will take you through each of your preferences, provide you ideas on what is trendy and economic and give you expert opinion regarding your choices. Most importantly, they will support your vision of your most special day and do everything in their power to realize it.

Now that you know Wedding Planners work within your chosen budget and they are masters in the art of organizing a wedding, you can sit back and look forward to enjoying your fairy-tale-ish day! You are in safe hands…

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