Make your day perfect with the Premium Wedding Planners

Be it any family function or any festive occasions, Keralites have their own distinct way of expressing excitement and happiness. When it comes to the marriage event of their son or daughter or any close aid, one couldn’t resist the enjoyment yet to happen and they go any extent to make the function fashionable and trendy.

Employing a marriage coordinator has now become a common practice these days. Leaving the burden of important activities to an experienced wedding planner let you free from the stress on the coordination and management part.  A proficient event planner can take on the most creative of challenges and lift up any expectations.

If you are on the hunt for the one, then the Unicorn wedding planners – a premium wedding planner in Cochin is here to make your day vivid and extraordinary. They are the stalwarts in their arena offering a wide range of services which includes the complete wedding planning, destination wedding, theme wedding, partial wedding and associated services.

Make your day perfect

Working out all day for the arrangements of your special day can be highly boring and exhausting. In the course of making arrangements there is a chance that you miss out all the fun that takes place during the ceremony. As the foremost wedding planners in Kerala, they would have a specific action plan to organize things in a prearranged way. They provide you assistance in a wide array of things that comprises of logistics coordination, designing events, venue decoration, reception management and so. There is no need to overdo things, they make yourself and your guests feel astounding by creating a perfect day.

Let the expert guidance guide you

How good it would be to receive expert guidance on planning the theme designing, setting the stage decoration and on assisting the various wedding activities. Unicorn wedding planner has it all, the experience to be in charge of the primary things which you need the help with – choosing the right photographer to caterers and providing guidance on floor arrangements and helping you through the vital needs of the day.

Displaying a splendid event

It’s the demonstrated decoration that that attracts the attention of everyone. From picking out the sought-after wedding themes to the themes you have envisioned, as the leading wedding planner in Kochi, Unicorn events come up with the best wedding themes for any style that set the tone for your big occasion.

Make your day extraordinary with Unicorn wedding planners

Managing things to executing it perfectly to the tunes of your likes needs extraordinary coordination. Unicorn has the right professionals who are well-informed in their area of work and has a well coordinated communication point to coordinate and manage things centrally. And with them you will have the opportunity to blend your special day into the rich cultural and tradition of Kerala. While on your way to make the event captivating, never fail to contact the Unicorn wedding planners in Cochin.

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