The Many Stages in a Groom’s Journey to Marriage

When talking about marriage preparations, we often focus our efforts on the brides. Sure enough, the brides-to-be have far more to schedule and prepare for. But what about the groom?

Men often have a tendency to be slack about preparations putting away wedding preparations to the last possible moment and many feel justified in this habit so long as everything goes according to plan. Regardless, it is far better to have a good plan to prepare different aspects beforehand and execute it timely because unexpected delays can happen anytime. While there isn’t that much urgency to a groom’s preparations 2-6 months prior to the wedding, 1 month prior to the D-day is a good time to heat things up.

The preparation of a groom starts with himself. Like the bride, the groom too needs to look not just good but the very best he can be for his most auspicious moment. A month prior to the ceremony is the best time to finalize the wedding attire, the hair stylist and all other sundry elements related to the ‘grooming part of the groom’. Besides attire, hairstyle and makeup, it is also good to take up regular workout activities like jogging, hitting the gym or yoga and maintaining healthy eating habits, as good health can help you attain the best possible image of yourself than anything else.

While working on personal image, the men must simultaneously finalize other aspects too like booking the wedding cake, transportation, food menu, the invitation list, the decorations, the venue etc. If the marriage is intended to be a destination-themed one, then it is of utmost importance to finalize the guest list at this point by confirming the guest list as well as the booking and to arrange the necessary transportation.

With 2 weeks to go, the groom might find himself trying to cope with the extreme stress of having finished so many preparations and or even some pending or delayed tasks. But worry not, because these things are normal. Take some time out to relieve the stress and be sure not to let it ruin your motivation for preparation. Once relieved (or if there is no such stress out of delay or any other reasons), get back to the wedding checklists and remember that this is literally the last leg before your ‘big day’. This would be the appropriate time to arrange for your bachelor’s party and make sure all the necessary beverages are made available for the wedding day. It would also be a good time to call your bride-to-be and see how preparations are going on her side.

A week prior to the wedding is where all preparations must have been ideally completed. This is also the time to be extra cautious and do double checks like rechecking with the photographers and videographers. Then finally comes the wedding day. On the night before, call or message your bride and tell her how you can’t wait to get married to her just to reassure her.

Weddings are milestone events for both grooms and brides alike and the journey towards it can be stressful. Unicorn Wedding Planners in Ernakulam can help you reduce that stress and smoothen your journey towards marriage as we are among the best wedding planners in Kerala.

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