Planning for the big day

Why hiring a wedding planner is extremely important?

May be you have given so much thought to what it takes your special day wonderful; as well as thoughts about the arrangements, sourcing and managing wedding venues, budget preparation, coordination of deliveries, custom decorations, layout setting and the list goes on. So much planning is about to cover the expenses of your child’s wedding. Either way, your focus is to make the wedding memorable and grandeur.

Planning for the big day

Planning should be as enjoyable as the event itself. And it is not something easy as people might think. Keep this in mind when you come to make your decision, it is worth to rely on the services of a well experienced wedding planner.

Don’t make headway all by yourself; you can leave all the details of your event to unicorn wedding planner, the Premium wedding planners in Kerala who can assist you with the design, planning and management of your wedding occasion in style.

Something unique to explore with Unicorn wedding planners

Unicorn wedding planner is a renowned name in Kerala for organizing a medley of wedding events including the complete wedding planning, partial wedding planning, theme wedding and the destination wedding. Putting together the contemporary and the orthodox mix of themes and as per the wish of clients, this posh wedding planner in Kerala always takes pride in setting the events that surely wows your guests and the participants.

We combine your ideas and presentation with our expertise to create a stunning, remarkable wedding day that will be remembered for long – “and that too within your budget frame”.

In the search for a perfect wedding planner?

Remember that this day is about celebrating your dearest one’s wedding and is an opportunity to create a more favorite setting filled with the invitees, relatives and those people you cherish the most. So make sure you enjoy the entire day with the experience of unicorn event planners and allow the bride and groom to be excited about their big moments.

We take care to provide everything from selecting venue to providing expert photographers to managing wedding day and reception to arranging royal theme wedding and destination wedding in the selected venues.

You can experience the freshness of everything from the scratch and is visible throughout the event. So make it rich in the lap of “God’s own country” with the help of leading wedding planners in Kochi.

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