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Theme Wedding

Theme weddings are becoming very popular among couples who like their wedding to be bespoke and unusual, reflecting their unique personalities and style.
Every wedding has a theme, dictated by a color, an era or even centered on the venues on style.  We will help you create any theme you have envisioned.
Breakaway from the usual and venture into world of elaborate and creative wedding.  The trends are changing and those who are willing to experimentstandout from the crowd.


The Royal Weddings may seem heavy for your pocket but it’s an occasion you will cherish for a lifetime.
The event often takes place in a grand palatial setting, draped in rich colored linens of red, champagne, gold and cream. Surreal ambience lighting,decadent floral arrangement, grand stage décor and rich mandap designs accentuate the backdrop, leading to a feeling of royalty.
Along with a careful selection of fine cuisine, entertainment and music fit for the king, and many other ideas that complement this

Moon and star theme

Moon and star weddings are incredibly fun for us to plan. After all, who doesn’t want their wedding to look right out of a fairy tale?
It is incredibly romantic to hold your wedding under the twinkling light of the stars and soft glow of the moon. The venue, whether it be indoor or outdoor,is decorated with a star and moon motif, constellations, silver hues and shimmering backdrops give a romantic touch to your wedding. Led lighting, fine drapes and careful detailing makes this theme an absolute winner.

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are a preferred setting for many of today’s brides-to-be’s. Set in a lush garden, a wedding framed by nature's bounty is a beautiful thing to behold.
Flowers forms a major part of the theme with pretty bouquets, red and white roses, orchids and bright fresh carnations setting a vivid backdrop. The event takes place in the natural setting amidst flowers, greenery and soft lighting, lending to a romantic, intimate ceremony.

Traditional Village Theme

A rural makeover will personalize your event as the guests are basked in the glory of Indian culture.To get intothe feel of rural India, we employ mud walls, matkas, bangle decoration and pebble floors.
Traditional flowers, earthen pots, lanterns, bullock carts and similar props takes you to the interior of the country.A village-themed invitation card can make your day extra special. Your guests will surely love the wedding card wrapped in a rustic charm. Ingenious ways of serving food in banana leaves, warli painting, folk dances, uruli and diya decoration can also be used to enhance the venue.

Bollywood Theme Wedding

There is a growing demand for Bollywood themed weddings – more so now amongst the NRI market as it’s the easiest way for them to relate to the Indian culture and roots. We always have a lot of fun planning these types of weddings- there is a lot of creative ways to incorporate Bollywood inspired elements. From a clever, theatrical entry of the bride and groom, posters designed in the form of old movies, award night red carpet entry for the guests the ideas can be drawn from a song or a stream of scenes in one of the movies in the mid-90’s… the ideas are endless.
So come on ahead with your own unique take on a Bollywood wedding.

Rustic theme wedding

A rustic theme wedding mixes a bit of tradition with rustic look. Weddings with anrusty, earthy, natural charm are currently trending.
Right from the invitation, you can go with a recycled paper like bamboo- its unexpectedly thick so it feels lux, but the raw texture embodies rustic to a tee. An outdoor/indoor setting where nature plays a starring role is ideal. Like a farm house, mountain top and a lake side resort .Faint colors like matte bronze and tea rose, or even monochromatic shades of ivory contrasted against natural wood adds a graceful touch. For a bolder look, shades of orange, red, purple and brown all add the feel you are after.

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