Wedding Planners and Wedding Trends in 2019

It’s 2019, another year with an influx of fresh wedding inspirations that are truly endless. There are some exciting 2019 wedding trends upholding the wedding traditions while holding hand to the most modern ethnic themes that will set your day stand out from the rest and mark a reflection of both the bride and the groom. From the fresh colour palettes to the floral updates in decor and fashion, and new experiments in the cuisine here’s what 2019 wedding trends novelty. Let’s gaze into the wedding planners and new wedding trends in 2019.

The minimalism and the understated classic trends are kicking back in 2019, everything from stationery to wedding gown.

Innovative Invitation

The invites are becoming more creative as per the input of wedding and event planners. For 2019, stationery plays an important role and couples are much into each detailing of the stationery for their wedding. Then using only paper material this year couples are trying with perspex, fabric and natural elements to add that extra twist to their traditional paper invite suite.

The Palette Vibes in 2019, Colour of the Year – Living Coral

From the dark hues of the 2018’s UltraViolet, the Pantone shade in 2019 marked a drastic change in the choice. Yes, of course, it’s a great indicator of what’s going to hit the wedding trends in the year. The story of Pantone in 2019 is the Living Coral which is vibrant, energetic and uplifting. This implies that tons of living coral colour pops are romped to manifest their faces from bridesmaids’ attire to decor and floral. So we are expecting to see an enough of coral floral innovations, table decor and invites, coral bridesmaids’ apparels, plates, even the agate coasters as name places and crystals.

The couples these days want to dictate the feel of their special day in every detail. They express their party nature by coining the words – like “rustic with a touch of retro and flavoured with romance” – this wedding vision will be conveyed with the professional event planners who will draw their day off.

Quintessential Themes & Decor Trends

In the 2019 wedding lineup, the geometric architectural decor and themes are the new trends. If the geometric arrangements aren’t your style, don’t worry! There are many ways to make your decor look appealing and stunning with these patterns. Unlike usual geometric designs to refreshing and unique architectural geometric glasswares and sculptural centerpieces, this trend is paving way to a new genre of wedding themes.

wedding planners and wedding trends in 2019

The understated elegance in hand with the classic decor detailings never go-off the wedding style. Traditional floral highlights, served simple three course plated meals, modern tiffany transparent chairs, with more groundbreaking inclinations are the elements that complete the elegance of the themed decor.

Floral Updations & Avant Grade Designs

As Living Coral was announced as the 2019 colour of the year by Pantone, many of the brides will be opting for coral blooms to arrange their floral decors from bouquets to corsages and centerpieces for their moment.
We predict in 2019 those cliche pastels decors will be replaced by more dramatic blend of florals and colour palettes. The moodier hues of 2018 will be taken over and brides will be more focused in colours like coral, pearl, peach and pale orange for inspiration. The dramatic heavenward floral arrangements are being sidelined by gorgeous and exotic tablescapes and hanging arrangements. Basically, wisteria and lush greenery anything with drape will a be striking in 2019.

From the architectural patterns to the geometric and simple single blooms arrangements will have a massive moment in 2019! Avant garde designs and lush fresh blooms are going to hit the trends in this year of the wedding. Wedding Planners predict that brides are not just researching on floral displays but on the vessels too. They just love the combo of vintage and geometrically shaped cut glasses.

The Whimsical Wedding Attire

3D elegant designs were the trendsetters in 2018 and it continues in 2019 too. World-renowned fashion designers are featuring their new trends on 3D design elements. To balance and make that whimsical feel perfect both the couple will have a touch of some identical elements in their attire. With no doubt, we can come to the conclusion that the young extravagant and substantial brides will uphold this trend in 2019.
By the declaration of living coral as the colour of the year, it again proves that 2019 is the ultimate period for vintage reminiscence. Wedding dresses with pearl embellishments and glitzy jewellery bring charm and elegance to the wedding ceremony.

Experiential Dining and Signature Eats

Food trend and likes as always change from time to time. In 2019, modern couples are switching long-standing traditions to the classy taste and style. When it comes to dining, obviously the presentation trend continues, but with a different touch this year. In 2019, the couples are taking a step ahead with the “experienced” cuisine like, open-kitchen cooking, hanging unit of nibbles, or in real-time a chef plating some dishes. Food will always be the center of attraction for wedding receptions.

wedding planners and wedding trends 2019
2019, was even declared as a sweet-tooth year. All cravings for your desserts and ice-creams is emphasized on the dessert tables at weddings and receptions. Even the traditional wedding cake is actually made a comeback last year. It continues the track and the couple really wanted a capture of the cake cutting ceremony in their wedding albums.
Holding the unconventional along with the modern trend makers we can undoubtedly predict that food trends will tempt the crowd in 2019.

Entertainment at its peak

These days than providing takeaways and favours couples are more focused on the making their big day most memorable and entertaining experience for their guests. Don’t be surprised of seeing a steady stream entertainment throughout the reception unlike previous years. In 2019, couples are taking much care in creating an unforgettable and interactive night customized to their personal taste and interests.
Wedding planners put that extra hand in choosing the most stunning entertainment programs for the couples and the guests to make the event more colourful and catchy.
We are moving into an era where modern couples are preceding traditional segments and want the best of the best to make their day personalized and unique. In 2019, some wedding trends are following the roots of the previous years while others making a knot for the upcoming years.

Whether you want to get down and smash your wedding day in a freaky rocking fly or you want to throw an ethnic classy wedding that feels you true Unicorn Wedding Planners, one of the pioneering wedding planners in Kerala, help you out in planning and coordinating the best wedding day for you.

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