What Does a Wedding Planners Do?

Wedding Planners help couples effectively plan their big day and see that everything runs easily. As a wedding organizer, your duties incorporate building up an arranging course of events and working with the bride and groom to pick everything from clothing, to function and gathering scenes, music, and nourishment. You are in charge of each part of the occasion, and you should guarantee that everything is ideal for the couple, the family, and visitors on the huge day. Wedding organizers may offer different bundles that speak to various dimensions of association in the arranging of the wedding. For instance, wedding spending plan, vendors, venue, and so on.

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What Does a Wedding Planners Do?

Not persuaded an organizer is for you? Here’s an array of the general tasks organizers deal with.

  • Setting up a practical wedding spending plan.
  • Contriving a wedding strategy that maps out all the little stuffs, that services from music to favours .
  • Demonstrating to you the best and most unique areas in the zone, considering your wedding size, spending plan, and vision.
  • Finding the top flower specialists, wedding photographers, cooks, groups, DJs and different sellers within your budget plan.
  • Cutting you decision bargains: Consultants bring volume to favoured merchants, so regularly the sellers will respond by slicing costs or tossing in additional items.
  • Perusing all your merchant contracts to ensure everything is there, right, and as per your best advantages and exchanges any revisions for your benefit.
  • Making multi day-of (or few days of) course of events that tells everybody engaged with the arranging procedure – sellers, individuals from the wedding gathering, you, and your families – when to do what.
  • Taking care of the solicitations, from the wording and requesting to the tending to and mailing, just as following RSVPs.
  • Guiding you on appropriate decorum just as what’s hot on the wedding front.
  • Dealing with the big day: overseeing sellers, setup, and conveyance; taking care of crises and relieving nerves.
  • Filling in as your representative, passing on your each impulse and want to sellers or relatives when you can’t manage doing it without anyone else’s help.
  • Arranging and book your honeymoon (that’s right – most organizers will deal with your touring plans as well!).


In spite of the fact that it appears a basic inquiry, the response to “What Does a Wedding Planner Do?” changes with every single customer a wedding organizer chooses to work with.

This eccentrics is one of the primary reasons the wedding arranging field is so alluring for some. If you are the sort of individual that appreciates a dynamic and eccentric (however energizing!) working condition, turning into a wedding organizer may be the ideal profession for you.

Let’s get into the essential obligations and aptitudes that wedding planners are in charge of, from Engagement to Honeymoon!

What’s more, everything begins with a straightforward discussion…

Beginning Consultation

The underlying conference between the wedding planner and the customer serves to set the foundation concerning what the customer is anticipating from the planner and what the customer is wanting to do. It totally depends on, you, the wedding planner, to make sense of who your actual customer (or customers) will be, and subsequently whose feeling it is most vital to take over all others.

At the point when a wedding planner initially meets with a customer, the discussion should comprise of essentially clarifying the packages accessible and quickly examining the kind of wedding the customer needs. Commonly, a wedding organizer is procured for either Full Service or Day-of Coordination, and it is basic that the planner completely discloses to the customer what is incorporated into every one of their packages.

Keep in mind that as a wedding organizer, you should offer both of these services; the customer will dependably tell you which of the two they need. A wedding planner will typically have a printed list of what is incorporated into every one of their bundles; in any case, the requirements of every customer will even now shift generally relying upon the subject, scene, spending plan, sellers and identity of the customer. Explicit counsel or merchant referrals ought not be examined until an agreement is marked and the customer pays.

So as to know precisely what a wedding organizer does, you’ll have to know the distinction between the two types of wedding planning services.ppppp

We’ll begin with the least complex of the two.

Day of Coordinator

Most ladies have anticipated their big day since they were young ladies, and many will not let any other person plan the details of their wedding other than themselves! Having said that, these ladies likewise perceive that their big day ought to be about happiness and euphoria, not worrying over everything about as indicated by plan and arranging each fragment of their wedding to flawlessness. For this situation, they’ll need some assistance.

Since these ladies have effectively dealt with all the pre-wedding arrangements, and all they need is help upon the arrival of their wedding, what they’ll be searching for is a Day of Coordinator. What’s more, obviously, being the business-wise wedding planners that you are, you’ll offer this support of your fortunate ladies!

So how about we go over precisely what is incorporated as a major aspect of your duty as a Day of Coordinator.


As a Day of Coordinator, your first duty will be to investigate the agreements for every seller the customer has employed. You will at that point will contact the sellers roughly multi week preceding the wedding and present yourself and guarantee you have exact day of contact data for every one of them. Make certain to acquire their cell numbers as well, if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

To guarantee a smooth wedding day, a wedding organizer ought to make an itemized course of events joining the wedding photographers timetable, DJ or band’s timetable and their very own course of events for the whole length of the wedding. The bride, groom, their families, the photographers and DJ ought to favour the timetable to guarantee everybody is in a state of harmony.

The expression “Day of Coordinator” is somewhat of a misnomer as you will be responsible for the wedding practice too, which typically happens a couple of days before the wedding. This is your last opportunity to pound out all the planning details with your groom and bride, so don’t be hesitant to take control and guarantee that everybody is in agreement.

Wedding Day

Upon the arrival of the wedding, organizers ought to guarantee that the bride, groom, DJ/band and photographers are altogether educated ahead of time of every occasion (fantastic passage, first move, cake cutting, strap hurl, and so on.).

One of the aptitudes you’ll have to have as a wedding planner is the capability to keep the wedding moving as indicated by the course of events yet in addition realizing when to accelerate or back off.

Wedding settings and sellers are normally exacting on booking, and postponements of over 15 minutes may result in furious scene supervisors, yet additionally any material late charges related with the scene. What’s more, think about who’s going to bear the fault for setting late charges? That’s right, the wedding planner!

Wrapping up

Furthermore, don’t imagine that your activity is done after the visitors and love bird couple have left the gathering. Indeed, even after everybody gets out, organizers should ensure the majority of the customer’s close to home property and wedding blessings are appropriately pressed and verified in a vehicle, lodging or extra space. Plan ahead and have your customer enlist volunteers if there are a ton of things to be stuffed or put away.

Nothing ruins a special first night like discovering that the majority of the blessing envelopes were stolen or that the costly, leased bloom.

Full Service Planner

Obviously, not all ladies imagine their wedding as Disney fantasies, or maybe they have yet are excessively occupied with their vocations and can’t be bothered with the details of arranging their ideal wedding, so they’ll solicit you to take care from them at every turn. While you have the additional extravagance of instructing a lot more expensive rates for this dimension of administration, this sort of wedding arranging is a mammoth assignment to embrace. Fortunately, the more experience you gain, the more streamlined and easy your procedure will turn into.

As referenced, Full Service wedding arranging is contained everything incorporated into Day of Coordination notwithstanding long periods of arranging and consummating before the huge day.

How about we begin!

Financial Plan

Somehow, the spending will influence each choice of the wedding. In all respects from the get-go in the arranging stages, the wedding planner should start a nitty gritty dialog with the customer as to their financial plan for the wedding. The wedding planner must always stay aware of the unexpected changing desires that the bride and groom will raise and art their recommendations as needs be.


When the financial backing is settled upon, the time has come to start exploring scenes. Contrasting scenes can be a standout amongst the most confounded occupations a wedding planner needs to do, yet it is likewise where they can be give the most incentive to their customer.

It’s critical to keep a thoughtful yet business like methodology with your couples. Booking the scene will frequently be the single most prominent consumption for most couples and even little contrasts in fine print can cost huge.


When a venue and date is chosen and affirmed with a venue, the time has come to start choosing sellers. Similarly just like the case with settings, a significant number of the best wedding sellers (photo and  videographers, flower vendors, and so on.) can book a year or more ahead of time. To guarantee the best determination of sellers for your customer you need to rapidly start booking arrangements for merchants inside your customer’s financial plan and style.

Transforming Magic Into Reality

After the setting and merchants are reserved and verified, your customer will require your assistance with everything else that makes a wedding the auspicious day they constantly imagined.

The customer may need your assessment on the wedding cake, cloth hues, sustenance choices or the manner by which the nourishment will be served. This while keeping the budget in the back of your brain!

I’m discussing the Save the Dates, wedding solicitations, practice supper solicitations, menus, place cards, projects and welcome letters. Regardless of whether your customer does not require your assistance with these details despite everything you ought to guarantee they remain on track with completing everything in a convenient and financially savvy design.

Since each wedding will be totally one of a kind, the response to the inquiry, “What does a wedding planner do?” will never be altogether finished. In spite of the pressure that goes with the job, wedding planning can be an exceptionally worthwhile and rewarding profession if done tenaciously and mindfully.


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