Innovative Ways to Spice-Up your Wedding in 2018

Its 2018 and just like all the previous years, this year too is as good as any for a grand wedding. But most importantly, it is a new year that calls for some experimenting.

A wedding is not merely about a groom and bride but also the people who attend it – the guests. While the bride and groom are at the ‘centre of attention’ of any marriage event, it must be acknowledged that a great marriage celebration happens when the guests and other people involved love it as much as the couple.

Here are some creative ideas to spice up your wedding this year and make it something unique so that it will be remembered and cherished by your guests for years to come –

1.  Finding new and creative ways to welcome your guests

 Rather than putting up a drab welcome board showing the names of the bride and groom, one can always try new and interesting ways to welcome guests. One of the first things that can be done in this regard is to try different kinds of welcome boards like for instance an try putting up an electronic display board which just displays not just the name of the couple but goes a bit further with qoutes like “Have a great time,” or something quirky like “Our wedding. Your Party!”.

Besides boards, one can also try to get a few friends or favourite cousins to act as ushers while dressed up in a particular theme. They can dress up as a popular movie character and qoute some dialogues as a welcoming line which is guaranteed to give a good laugh and lighten the mood.

2. Give a printed timeline/itinerary of events to follow

Another way to spice up the wedding event is to give printed copies of all the events to be followed right from the start to the end to the guests. This is especially important if the wedding is to be a destination wedding and many events are hosted prior to and after the marriage ceremony. All events from mehendi, to bachelor’s/spinster’s party, DJ music, dance and other things can be included in this itinerary and it can be given either along with the invitation card or when welcoming the guests.

3. Try bolder and more outrageous decor ideas

  When it comes to the decor, try to seek something that will  ‘stand out’ from what you might have experienced at other weddings and don’t be shy about it. If the venue has plenty of space, it would be a shame to leave most of it untouched without some kind of decor besides the usual balloons and flowers. The walls can be adorned with posters or different kinds of hanging drapes and lights and lamps and can even be retouched with some miniature wall-painting and maybe even some antique items. There are really no limits to finding unique ways to do wedding  decor and you only need to pay attention to the detail.

4. Mix it up with fun and games

A marriage does not have to be limited to mere dining, drinking and catching up with relatives and friends. It can be mixed up with all sorts of games, especially for the kids. Special areas and activities can be alloted exclusively for kids to play around and the games need not be limited to them either. Games like bubble blowing contests, pin the tail on the donkey, singing, dancing, mimicry contests replete with prizes will keep people engaged and far more involved in the experience of the marriage.

5. Giveaway memorabilias and tokens

Lastly, as the celebrations start to wind down and it becomes time to wrap up, some gifts and token memorabilias can be given away for the guests to remember. Items like chocolates, scents and such would do great along with gift vouchers which can be claimed at certain stores. Giving away such tokens is like a parting gift that will serve as a reminder of your momentous day for years to come.

All in all, a wedding is a very momentous event for any person. It is gesture of joy that a couple shares with their guests and that joy can be multiplied many times if it is done through innovative ways that can be fun for everyone. Being one of the premier wedding planners in Kerala, Unicorn Wedding Planners have a vast degree of experience in conducting many uniquely exciting wedding experiences. So contact us soon and get ready to have the party of a lifetime.

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