We have 8 reasons why you need to hire a Wedding Planner for your Big Day!

Do you really need a wedding planner? The big day draws closer and closer, but there’s still a lot on your wedding list to be done. That’s the time when relatives and friends who might lovingly start rushing you to get things done and it all ends up being a stress.

Planning your wedding shouldn’t end up being a stressful thing, if anything it should be a joyous journey leading to your actual wedding day. If you’ve been considering getting help with planning your wedding, we have jotted down 8 reasons why you need to hire a wedding planner.

Take the Stress out of Wedding Planning

Whether you have a few weeks or months to plan your wedding, the last thing you need is wondering where to start when planning your wedding and doing being able to do anything because of stress. This is where wedding planners come in; A wedding planner can ease the planning process. 

One of the important functions a wedding planner does is to take up most demanding duties including contracting wedding vendors & suppliers. Wedding planners are in essence skilled at handling all wedding-related tasks on behalf of couples and this takes the stress out of wedding planning.


Help with Budget Tracking

There is nothing as dangerous as being in charge over your wedding budget spending, because chances are you’ll not stick to the planned budget. With a wedding planner at hand, they’ll take on the role of a financial counselor and help you stick to your budget.

Wedding planners have the task of making sure that you stick to your budget as much as possible, and bills are paid on time. A good planner will also help you cut on costs by getting great deals or packages from wedding vendors.


Create Wedding Schedules and Keep Track of Them

The wedding planning process includes several schedules, which might be hard to keep track of as the day draws nearer. A wedding planner acts as a ‘time keeper’ in this essence, making sure that schedules are followed and met.

From contracting vendors, getting wedding outfits, procuring a venue and having dress rehearsals; the wedding planning process features several time-bound activities. Often, one activity determines whether the other will be successful and this is why it is important to stick to schedules.

With a planner keeping track of everything, you can rest assured that nothing will be forgotten during the preparation process.


Planners Troubleshoot Problems with Solutions

It is normal for a few problems to pop up during the planning process. This usually throws a couple off and in turn affects the planning process. Planners are skilled at troubleshooting problems with workable and timely solutions.

For instance, venues might not be booked on time and couples might end up having to find new venues. Planners will always have a ‘Plan B’ for every instance, helping a couple maintain the vision of their perfect wedding.


Planners are a Good Creative Source

Every couple wants a ‘stand-out wedding’ and planners are experienced in offering creative ideas to help a couple have spectacular weddings.Planners will listen to the dream and visions you have for the wedding and help to transform them into reality.Wedding planners also have contacts of the vendors who can transform your dreams to reality. For instance, if you want doves released into the air after exchanging your vows you can rest assured that your planner knows how to get the doves!


Dedicated Planners for your Wedding

Many couples have gone the ‘family wedding planning route,’ but they often find that a lot doesn’t get done because family and friends can’t really dedicate their time fully.When you hire a planner, they are fully focused on ensuring that your big day goes as planned.


Planners come with a List of Reputable Wedding Vendors 

Finding the right vendors to offer the different services required to make a wedding successful can be an overwhelming process. You might know a few suppliers, but maybe they do not specialize in weddings. Wedding planners come with a list of reputable vendors to work with.

From their experience with wedding planning, a planner usually has worked with several wedding vendors and can recommend the best. In cases where vendors need to be changed, planners are skilled at quickly finding a new and cost-effective vendor on time.


Wedding Planners Help with Cost Saving

Weddings can be quite costly and there is always the chance of raking up unexpected costs as the wedding progresses. Wedding planners have existing working relationships with vendors and venue owners, making it easy for them to get discounted rates.

The bottom line is that planning a wedding requires time and focus. As a working couple, or simply a couple that wants to enjoy the wedding, delegating the organization process to a wedding planner will free up your time and take the stress out of the planning process.

You only get one chance to do it right, and the planning process determines how things will work out – which are all things that a skilled and experienced wedding planner will help you out with.

If you have any more valuable points to add, feel free to share them in the comments below


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