The Many Delights of a Wedding Cake

There are many elements that make a wedding reception unique – the décor, flowers, music, lighting, apparel etc. While all of these are necessary elements in hosting a wonderful wedding, the wedding cake is naturally the quintessential centerpiece of the reception. This makes it so because unlike the other elements, the wedding cake needs to prepared, carved, cut and served within a specific time relative to the hosting of the reception.
While all manner of custom-made designs are used in making a wedding cake these days, like always, it is the taste and flavors that matter the most. Here are some of the most popular ‘wedding cake flavors’ of 2017 and also some new ones that are becoming trendy –
1) Vanilla: Vanilla cake remains one of the most all-time favorites for couples and their guests. These days a vanilla cake can come with all kinds of toppings, frostings and other add-ons which makes vanilla a flavor than go with pretty much anything.

2) Chocolate: With such depth and thickness in texture and flavor, chocolate is yet another all-time palate pleaser for people. Like vanilla, these days, chocolate too come in different mixes and varieties. Chocolate cake can be combined with ‘Raspberry icing’ or the rare ‘Chocolate Champagne Frosting’. The ‘Black Forest cake’ is one of the most loved varieties of chocolate cakes that weddings today increasingly prefer.

3) Coconut: No other flavor reminds us more of ‘God’s Own Country’ than coconut. Rich and creamy coconut cake can be combined with vanilla, chocolate or lime filling or frosting to give a taste of heaven. This flavor is perfect for those who are tired or bored of the commonplace flavors like vanilla and chocolate which are found in most weddings.

4) Carrot: If you love, carrot halwa, then why not try out carrot cake. Yes, this is another great alternative to vanilla and chocolate. With grated carrots combined with peanuts, this cake is dense and soft at the same time. It can also be deliciously paired with vanilla or cream cheese frosting.

5) Strawberry: While strawberries might be hard to come by, as it is a seasonal fruit, there is no dearth of those demanding the strawberry flavored cakes for their most important day. While not as common as either vanilla or chocolate, the strawberry flavored cake has been around for some time and can be combined with cream chiffon.

Remember that while the charm will always be a result of many factors coming together in the right way, small things like the quality of the cake, both in taste and display, goes a long way in giving that finishing touch. Being among the best wedding planners in Kerala, Unicorn Wedding Planners in Ernakulam, are always well placed to make your most momentous occasion as sweet as possible.

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