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A new trend seems to be gaining popularity in the wedding scenario – that of theme-based weddings. As people are gaining in affluence, the weddings get bigger and more flamboyant. But this is not something new. We see such things all year long.

There is an increasing need for couples to hold weddings that are unique stand out from rest of the crowd which at the same time reflecting their own personalities and lives.

For those who can spare the extra time and money for planning their wedding ceremony, theme wedding offers a wide variety of options that can be custom tweaked to give new and refreshing aura for that special moment. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to build your own genuine wedding theme –


1. Fairytale wedding theme: A fairytale-based theme wedding is all about setting a fantasy mood and this gives it a lot of room for experimentation. The groom can arrive on a horse like a princes of fairy tales, the aisle or walkway can be decorated with tree replicas or the marriage itself can be conducted in an open space under a tree resonating a feeling of connection with nature.
2. Bollywood wedding theme: A Bollywood inspired wedding theme is among the most popular of the wedding themes today. Bollywood songs come in all varieties and it can be used to set any type of mood from upbeat and energetic to rhythmic and romantic. Besides dance performances to popular Bollywood numbers, this theme can also be used in imaginative ways like putting up the poster of the couple like the posters of 70s movies or giving a grand high profile entrance to the bride and groom.
3. Royal wedding theme: There are many who wish to experience what it feels like to live like a king or queen. A royal themed wedding is perfect for such people as they get a small taste of their desire on their most special day. Setting up a royal theme can become costly but it is worthwhile for those who want a sense of grandeur. Tapestries with symbols signifying nobility complete with emboridered carpets in a palace like setting can give you the once in a lifetime kingly experience.
4. Night sky theme : Nothing is more romantic than getting married under the night sky under glittering stars. The venue can be set both indoors and outdoors , on rooftops and beaches and many other ways. Candles, soft glowing lights with the moon in the background will make your wedding night feel like a dream come true.


In the end, we at Unicorn Wedding Planners understand perfectly well, the importance of making weddings unique. Having successfully hosted a wide variety of destination weddings we have gained wide experience as wedding planners in Kochi as per the requirements of our clients. So look no further for wedding planners in Kerala as we have the best possible talent for any type of theme.

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